Robot with camera system

We have a robot-based flexible feeding and handling solution for components provided as loose parts. The parts are dispensed onto a conveyor belt by a step conveyor.
Image processing is used to determine the position and orientation of separated parts lying in the gripping position. The robot grips the parts corresponding to the data transmitted. Cycle times of up to 3 sec. per part can be achieved.

This flexible design permits the feeding of a broad spectrum of parts without mechanical retooling. Typical handling tasks are parts handling for machine feeding, assembly, palletisation or parts testing.
The use of parts handling for quality testing is increasingly important, for example for component surface testing or completeness inspections with image processing.

Bunker belts suitable for parts supply are integrated as an extension. Tipping-tilting units are available for the loading of bunker belts from palettes. If desired, the finished parts can also be removed.

An emptying function can be used to empty the entire system in a very brief time so that it can be quickly switched to another part by selecting a new program.