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Step conveyor

Our step conveyor is used in the area of feed technology. This is a key component in our systems. The step conveyor is used for picking up the bulk material (stockpiling), preliminary orientation or preliminary separation of the feed parts and for height compensation or gain. In addition a space saving and careful feed of a wide variety of parts is possible.


Function sequence:

The standard hopper on the step conveyor picks up the material to be conveyed. Then the sorting parts are transferred by the pusher of the step conveyor pre-separated onto a sorting rail. Catching parts are separated from one another through this method.


The step conveyor is available in the three basic variants “A-series”, “B-series” and “C-series”.

These are each again divided into several different designs. The selection is done based on the conveying capacity and components.


The step conveyors can be equipped with comb slider design or opposing sliders.