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Bunker conveyor

Our bunker conveyor is mainly used in the area of feed technology. It is used to expand the volume of a bunker to extend the filling intervals of the step conveyor.


Function sequence:

The sorting parts were either manually or alternatively using a tipping unit single as bulk material filled into the bunker conveyor. The parts are dispensed to the hopper of the step conveyor.


Our bunker conveyor is available in three different models. The selection of the conveyor belt is done based on the step conveyor or the volume to be fed. Our bunker conveyors are built in our systems in the widths of 150 – 1000 mm in lengths from 300 – 2000 mm. They have a filling volume of up to 480 litres and a lifting capacity of up to 500 kg.


In addition a quick emptying with reverse direction of the belt is possible due to frequent type changing.