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Our PICKLA enables a grip into the crate without any image monitoring and is suitable for ferritic workpieces.


Function sequence:

The PICKLA empties containers fully automatically. Ferritic workpieces are removed using electromagnets. The number, shape and strength of the magnets is determined based on the size and shape of the workpieces. The lowering movement of the picker arm is immediately ended by a freewheeling function when the magnet is applied. The container contents are only subject to the weight of the picker arm itself.

The workpieces, depending on cycle tie and choice of magnet, are picked up individually or in several parts and transported to the unloading position. The PICKLA moves on a grid over the entire surface of the container contents. The grabbed workpieces are unloaded in the unload position of a downstream alignment system. During unloading, the magnetic polarity reverses, causing a pushing effect for the suspended workpieces. 

Once the PICKLA has reached the deepest position in the container on a grid point, the so-called search run starts. Without an unloading movement the next picking position is approached. Once the entire floor of the container bottom has been traversed without success, the PICKLA returns to its base position and signals “Container empty”. A preliminary warning "Container will be empty" can also be sent when the deepest picking position is initially reached.


To prevent downtime in the downstream processing machines, a dual PICKLA can be used for changing containers. Likewise we can also make your PICKLA with a sliding gate or a light barrier curtain instead of the safety door.