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Palletising system

Our palletising systems enable the stacking and loading of all commercially available containers (KLT, clothes baskets, etc.) using servo axes or robots.


Function sequence:

A stack with empty containers is manually brought to a loading or unloading station.

Through a robot or lifting rack system a container is isolated and set and fixed in a loading station. Loading of the container is done by a robot, a handing system or by the customer! Filled containers are restacked by a robot or a lifting rack system in another station and there removed by the customer.


Our palletising system is available in various types and shapes.

The most common variant is a robot-controlled loading and palletising cell, in which the placement of workpieces into the container is integrated. In addition the design is possible as a linear palletising system as well as a pivoting palletising system.


The system can be adapted to almost all customer container sizes and requirements.