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Under Complete solutions you will find our compact solution options. If you want more information on our individual assembly units, they can be found under components.

Pallet transport

Using our pallet transport several processing machines, which are responsible for individual work processes, are linked with each other.


Function sequence:

The components are carefully made available on workpiece carriers via the pallet transport at specific transfer places for parts handling. A flexible distribution of the conveyed workpiece carriers is possible through integrated compact turnouts. After completion of the work processes the component is moved to the next station via our pallet transport.


The curves and turnouts built into the system are differentiated according to size of the workpiece carrier. As standard we offer you our pallet transport in dimensions R150 and R225.


In order to increase flexibility the workpiece carriers can be equipped with a data carrier. Thus a linkage simultaneously became an information flow system, with which the workpiece data can be tracked.