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Link chain system

Several processing machines, which are responsible for individual working processes, are linked together using a link chain system.


Function sequence:

The blanks and transportable components are carefully made available via the interlink belt of a processing machine. A flexible distribution of the conveyed parts is possible through integrated compact turnouts. After completion of the work processes the component is moved to the next station via our interlink system.


Normally plastic chains are in use. Since the chains can be subjected to stockpiling of large quantities of steel parts, we also offer plastic chains with special steel fitting. Through this we can prevent wear of the chains.

Another option which this interlink offers is a vertically offset transport of the parts.

Plastic chains with indexing lifter are used for this. This variant is designed, for example, for production halls that are dependent on space saving designs.


Added to this the integration of detection stations can be implemented using camera technology or corresponding optical sensor system such as, for example, light barriers and displacement transducers.

We are also glad to also offer the system as a vertical conveyor.