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Feed systems

Our feed systems help you place diverse parts, in various sizes, mechanically in the right position and make them available for further processing. 


Function sequence:

The sorting parts were either manually or alternatively using a tipping unit single sorted as bulk material and filled into the bunker conveyor or the hopper of the step conveyor. The parts are brought to the step conveyor in doses by the bunker conveyor or the hopper. The step conveyor carries the already separated feed parts to the sorting rail. This brings the incorrectly oriented and excess parts back into the hopper or the bunker conveyor via the return guide. Correctly oriented parts are carried to the end of the sorting rail.


There are diverse transfer methods for further processing possible by the customer. Included in this are, for example, separation, blowing systems, a single and multiple part separation and part separation PICK&PLACE handling.


Also the integration of various tests and incorrect part ejection. That can be done by purely mechanical processes as well as also with contact or non-contact measurement technology.